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Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 10.02.57 AMFive Elements: The Essential Building Blocks to a Rich Inner Life

The Five Elements Process will create for you a base for all other spiritual practices or disciplines.  Sadguru says, “there are many ways to go from the root chakra to the spiritual eye, but you can not reach the crown chakra by technique.”

The Five Element process is one way to activate the chakras.  The five elements correspond to the first five chakras.  The earth element is first chakra, water second, fire the third, air the fourth and ether the fifth.  The spiritual eye is the intellectual mind and crown chakra is higher mind.

It’s essential in understanding the five element mantras that you have some back ground in terms of sanskrit.  You don’t need to know the language per se to understand the mantras.  In India the belief is that the universe was created out of sound…the sound of Aum.

What is a seed sound?

A seed sound is an essential building block of language, any language…in this case we are focusing on the seeds sounds that make up the ancient languages of India.  Seed sounds are referred to as bijakras or bija’s for short…

In the south there are states that still use these ancient languages.  Tamil is one.  In Tamil Nadu they didn’t see the sense of learning Hindi it seems, with the argument, “why learn Hindi when our language is quite possibly the oldest language on the planet”   What is relevant, in my opinion and I am no scholar is the seed sounds that make up a language.

Only Three Sounds That We Make Without the Tongue

According to Sadguru there are only 3 sounds that we make without using the tongue.  Ah, Oh, and M or Ma…with the mouth open we can chant ah, oh, m or more accurately the sound of Aum…aum being the vibratory quality that created this manifestation we call Mother Nature or Mother Divine.

So these seed sounds have no specific literal translation as far as I can ascertain.  In terms of meaning they are a vibratory expression of energy.  This is a brief explanation of the five elements process you can go to and do your own research…be a soul scientist don’t take my word for it.

There are Nine Mantras in the Five Element Process

Within the five elements, my teacher Sri Sai Kaleshwar Swami explains there are 9 mantras.  Earth and air elements have 3 mantras each.  Fire, water and ether have 1 mantra each.  If you find this five elements process interesting you can go to kaleshwar. org and download a free 30 page pdf which explains everything in detail.

Healers Use the Five Elements for De-charging

One of main benefits of charging the elements is the ability to use them as healing tools.  And this process is a powerful way for healers to de-charge the negative energies accumulated while doing healing work.  What do I mean by de-charging?  If you are a healer you will understand the importance de-charging after a session.  If this concept is new to you the main thing to understand is the elements once charged are a powerful way to be able to access energy.  Both positive and negative energies are in existence in every aspect of life.  De-charge is a powerful technique to dispel negativity.

Seed Sounds Within Our Given Names

My intention with this brief introduction to the five elements is to look at vibration and energy specifically in relation to our given name.  Our names are made up of these seed sounds or bija’s   My desire today is too explore how each bija within a name for instants effects on us every time we are addressed by our given name.

Yesterday, on my trek to Triune, I chanced to meet a woman from Scotland named Mhree pronounced vha ri.  This is from the Gaelic or Celtic language.  I wasn’t actually thinking about seed sounds in a persons name until I started to pronounce her name.  As I started to pronounce her name I could feel the vibratory quality of these two bija’s.  Vha is the seed sound of water corresponding to the second chakra, it is part of Shi-vi-y.  Ree is a sound we find in the devotional word of worship for Vishnu Hari (Ha-Ree).  And incidentally the second note in the Indian scale of music.

Everyone’s name can be broken down into these seed sounds.  My Indian name is Raju.  from the name Raja…ra is found in Egypt and of course in India it is part of many names.  Every time someone says your name it is effecting on you vibrationally.

When you pronounce ra, va, ma or any of the bija’s you will feel the vibration in parts of your body.  In this example of Mhree’s name and vibration you can feel the va in the belly and as you pronounce the second bija the energy naturally rises…

Go to now to find out how the elements affect us in every aspect of our existence.



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