Through the Looking Glass of Ones Perception, Knowledge and Awareness

This blog is an attempt on my part to be able to communicate with you in relationship to  philosophy, spiritual matters, life in general and my experience so far as member of this species we call humans.  Your life, my life these are events…communication is an event in which we all have the opportunity to share. The blog itself is a vehicle to express specifically what I believe in.  Your part, I wish, is to look within yourself to see if any of it makes sense.

I believe that all truths are true…in this idea then I have my own perspective and experience.  Thus, this becomes the creator of my truth.  You and I are not separate in the sense of consciousness.  Equally, all are able to express through their own individualized expression of the Divine what they feel, perceive and imagine.

So what does all this mean?

It’s simply the expression of spirit thru matter.  And, through the manifested existence of this body, mind and soul consciousness and our experience, knowledge and volition we are directed.


Within this blog there will be lots of dialogue, dialogue with this perception of a being that is an expression of Divinity.  Perhaps we could say, dialogue with two combatants within one being.  There will be audio sessions and perhaps some audio recordings of my life so far on this planet.  Perhaps some music…certainly pictures of my whereabouts, of friends and family interactions along the way.  It will be in past, present and future time.  I might even throw in some politics, certainly in regards to the spiritual journey politics will come into play…I wish to develop my ability to convey humor in the spoken word, new words and expressions that suit my temperament at any given moment in time.


Ultimately, this life, is a never-ending dream, we keep revisiting ourselves within the dream along the way.  As we travel farther and farther away from what we have been indoctrinated to believe is real, we will encounter within this idea of time and space our self-being and reflection which we have seen a billion times before.  This is an expression of my “Trek To The Infinite”, or the “Autobiography Of A No-body”